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Armed with cutting-edge technology and MIT science, experienced business and medical professionals at InVivo Therapeutics are pushing the boundaries of spinal cord injury research.

We are dedicated and committed. Every employee is passionate about the success of our bold approach. But more importantly, we have genuine compassion for those suffering with spinal cord injury. As the recognized leader in the SCI field, we have a singular focus: improving quality-of-life — and redefining life — for the SCI patients we serve.

InVivo Therapeutics is a company described by many adjectives. In the end, though, InVivo is all about HOPE.


  • InVivo Therapeutics Corporation is a pioneering biomaterials and biotechnology company cofounded in 2005 by MIT professor Bob Langer, ScD, and surgeon-scientist Joseph Vacanti, MD, with a focus on treatment of spinal cord injuries.
  • Our goal is to develop and commercialize groundbreaking technologies and treatments for spinal cord injury (SCI).
  • Currently, there are no treatment options to provide meaningful improvement in patient outcomes following SCI. At the core of InVivo’s technology portfolio is the Neuro-Spinal ScaffoldTM, a novel and proprietary biomaterial that is implanted into the epicenter of the injury to modulate the healing environment and serve as a support for neuroregeneration.
  • InVivo intends to develop its novel Neuro-Spinal Scaffold to treat acute SCI, and its Bioengineered Neural TrailsTM (injectable combinations of biomaterials and neural stem cells) to treat chronic SCI.


  • Our mission is to redefine the life of the SCI patient. To date, there are no effective therapies, treatments, or interventions for SCI. We intend to change that.
  • Although our mission is simple — “to redefine the life of the SCI patient” — the path to accomplishing that mission is complex. SCI is a devastating trauma and requires a multimodal, multidisciplinary treatment approach.
  • Initial therapeutic successes will likely be incremental. While we believe our Neuro-Spinal Scaffold will be the foundation of effective therapy for acute and chronic SCI, we are constantly evaluating surgical techniques, technologies, devices, and therapeutics that might be complementary to our technology and bring us closer to our goal.

What Sets Us Apart

  • InVivo’s approach to treating spinal cord injuries revolves around our investigational
    Neuro-Spinal Scaffold. This bioresorbable and biocompatible synthetic substrate is composed of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) and poly-L-lysine (PLL), two polymers that have been widely used for years. The Neuro-Spinal Scaffold is intended to be inserted into the spinal cord at the site of injury and will break down over several weeks. We believe the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold will modulate the healing environment in acute SCI and provide the structural support in acute and chronic injury necessary to promote a local environment supportive of cell survival and growth.
  • The unique properties of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold make it the only SCI therapy focused solely on treating SCI directly at the epicenter of the injury. The effective deployment of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold will require techniques used in other fields of neurosurgery. InVivo is working with leading neurosurgeons to define and establish these techniques.