Two spinal cord injury patients show improvement after receiving InVivo’s Neuro-Spinal Scaffold; shares ahead 13% premarket

Publication Source: Seeking Alpha

June 28, 2017

By Douglas W. House, SA News Editor

  • InVivo Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NVIV) perks up 13% premarket on modest volume in response to its announcement that two spinal cord injury patients in the INSPIRE study who received its Neuro-Spinal Scaffold have improved from sensory incomplete AIS B status to motor incomplete AIS C, the second and third patients to reach this level.
  • CEO and Chairman Mark Perrin says, “We are excited that these two patients have continued to progress beyond the period of early improvement. Three of the five patients with an AIS conversion in INSPIRE have demonstrated motor recovery and are now classified as AIS C conversions. Having assessments of motor improvements occurring one or two years post-implantation is uncommon and may be indicative of prolonged neural repair.”
  • The Neuro-Spinal Scaffold is a bioresorbable polymer scaffold that is designed to treat acute spinal cord injury. It is implanted at the injury site within a spinal cord contusion where it provides structural support to spinal tissue and a supportive matrix that facilitates endogenous tissue repair. It degrades over a period of several weeks.
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