InVivo announces treatment patents for chronic SCI on Bioengineered Neural Trails™

Publication Source: Spinal Cord Injury Research and Advocacy

December 4, 2015
By Chris Powell

InVivo Therapeutics Announces Bioengineered Neural Trails™ Program for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury

New Intellectual Property to Support Minimally Invasive Transplantation of Trails of Neural Stem Cells
– Executed Agreements with University of California, San Diego and Dr. James Guest –
– InVivo Provisional Patent Application Filed –

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (NVIV) today announced an innovative strategy for the treatment of chronic spinal cord injury (SCI). The company will focus its research efforts for chronic SCI on Bioengineered Neural Trails™. Bioengineered Neural Trails are injectable combinations of biomaterials and neural stem cells (NSCs) delivered using minimally-invasive surgical instrumentation and techniques to create trails across the chronic injury site. To support this strategy, InVivo has entered into agreements with the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego) and James Guest, M.D., Ph.D., to expand the company’s intellectual property portfolio. InVivo entered into an exclusive license agreement with UC San Diego for issued patent US 9,011,410 titled “Spinal Multisegmental Cell and Drug Delivery System,” and into an assignment agreement with Dr. Guest for issued patent US 7,666,177 titled “Method and System for Cellular Transplantation in the Spinal Cord.” InVivo also has filed a provisional application in support of the Bioengineered Neural Trails program titled “Methods and Systems for Delivery of a Trail of a Therapeutic Substance.”

“Our goal is to restore neuronal connectivity and thereby promote neurological recovery in people with chronic SCI,” said Tom Ulich, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer of InVivo. “Our minimally-invasive therapeutic approach is to bridge the spinal cord lesion at the time of implantation with a trail of NSCs delivered in an injectable and biodegradable soft, gel-like scaffold. We look forward to presenting our preclinical results in the spinal cords of small and large animals during the Key Opinion Leader Event and Company Update on Thursday. ”

Mark Perrin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of InVivo, said, “We are excited about our novel Bioengineered Neural Trails program for the treatment of chronic spinal cord injury. The newly secured patents along with our provisional patent application provide the intellectual property foundation for our Bioengineered Neural Trails program.”

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