Kenneth DiPietro

Compensation Committee (Chair)
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (Member)

Mr. DiPietro has nearly three decades of experience in the corporate human resources field and has acted as Vice President of Human Resources at Dell Computer Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. In January 2012, Mr. DiPietro accepted a job as Executive Vice President, Human Resources at Biogen Idec in Boston.

Prior to accepting his current position, Mr. DiPietro served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at the Chinese company, the Lenovo Group. During his six-year tenure with Lenovo, Mr. DiPietro accepted the unique challenge of assisting with Lenovo’s transition from a national corporation to China’s first multinational corporation. To meet this goal, Mr. DiPietro recruited more than 120 distinguished professionals from around the world to lead the company. Additionally, he refocused the company’s existing human resources goals to better serve Lenovo’s new strategic direction, maximizing efficiency and business performance. He also implemented a recognition program that rewarded high-quality performance with additional compensation, a pioneering achievement for this company. In addition to a range of other achievements and initiatives, Mr. DiPietro also created “The Lenovo Way,” a program designed to streamline the company’s cultural transformation.

Kenneth DiPietro launched his career at PepsiCo, Inc., accepting a position as an Area Employee Relations Manager for the Pepsi-Cola Company in 1982. Over the years, he advanced through the corporation’s ranks, accepting promotions to Manager of Executive & Organizational Development in 1987 and to Vice President of Human Resources of the organization’s Latin American Division in 1992. Finally, Mr. DiPietro served as Pepsi-Cola International’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources for three years. A company with a presence in more than 160 countries, Pepsi-Cola charged Mr. DiPietro with overseeing its human resources operations. His duties included hiring executives, developing business-restructuring plans, and managing international benefits.